Solvay Tyrol Club


Ciao Members, Family & friends,

   Hope you all are well Physically and Mentally.
We are Proud People, Proud members of our Tyrol Club of Solvay.
Though our activities and gatherings have been greatly compromised by the Covid-19 virus.  Together we will prevail to resume our Heritage gatherings and activities.
Please stay informed of Club events here on our website, facebook, Stella newsletter and by calling the club. Stay Strong & Be Safe. Please reach out if you need assistance.
It’s times like this, that we all must be there for each others. Family, friends & neighbors.
Thomas Antonini
Club President


La Stella Alpina

This year, many traditions were postponed due to Covid-19. We miss our family and friends and all the stories and memories that are made and shared at the club. If anyone is interested in submitting memories of the club, an event at the club, a family story or even how you're carrying on your Tyrolean traditions at home during a pandemic for La Stella Alpina, please feel free to email them to: solvaytyrolclub@gmail.com and they will be featured in the next La Stella Alpina.